Dave Marek

While being active in sports most of his life Dave took up running seriously just after turning 40 years old. Since then he has run 12 marathons (including 4 Boston marathons), 27 half-marathons, and over 30 other races of varying distances.

Dave truly enjoys running and racing and a couple years ago he decided to become more active in giving back to the running community. Along with serving on the MDRA board, he also received certification from the Road Runners Club of America and has been coaching beginner and intermediate runners for the past five years. Dave is also been a member of the Minnesota Pacers pace team and has lead pace groups in two full marathons and around 10 half-marathons.

Dave looks forward to continuing his running “career” and helping others in their pursuits. One of the quotes he loves to keep telling himself is ‘There will come a day when you won’t be able to do this anymore. Today is not that day’.

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