MDRA Advocacy Update

MDRA Advocacy Update

Over the past two years the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board has been making improvements to the trails around Lake Harriet and Lake Calhoun (also called Bde Maka Ska) to address accessibility issues and improve circulation for pedestrians. MDRA has been engaged and providing feedback throughout the planning and design to make sure the trail improvements enhance the runner experience. However, despite years of planning and engagement, not everything was constructed perfectly. An MDRA member, Ryan Albu, noticed that a stop sign on the south side of Harriet at a trail connection to Minnehaha Parkway was moved to another intersection, making the trail crossing uncontrolled and dangerous as cars no longer had a stop sign at the trail crossing. Ryan alerted MDRA about this safety issue and we immediately contacted the Park Board. Within a month, they had replaced the stop sign at the trail crossing, ensuring that pedestrians have a safer crossing.


If you have any ideas on how to make your favorite trail safer and would like MDRA to help, please contact our Advocacy Committee Chair, Nathan Campeau at campeau@gmail.com.

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