MDRA Seeking Applications for Board of Directors

MDRA Seeking Applications for Board of Directors

MDRA Seeking Applications for Board of Directors

The Minnesota Distance Running Association (MDRA) is a voluntary nonprofit organization serving runners of all ages and abilities in Minnesota and the surrounding communities. The affairs of the MDRA are controlled and administered by a Board of Directors that operate according to the established Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws. The MDRA is currently seeking Board applicants to be appointed to fill a vacancy for a term expiring January of 2018.

If you would like to be considered for the MDRA board please contact Sarah at runminnesota@gmail.com or fill out the application form. The application period is open until filled.

Primary Duties:

Represent and advocate on behalf of MDRA’s mission.

  • Understand, follow and help strengthen the MDRA’s mission, policies, programs and services.
  • Enhance MDRA’s public standing — participate in community activities and act as a representative of MDRA, regularly communicating the work and value of the MDRA across the community.
  • Gather opinions from within the community, other organizations and education professionals to enhance the MDRA’s programs and initiatives.

Actively serve on the MDRA Board and a committee to provide expertise and oversight.

Prepare for and participate actively in monthly board meetings, our annual member party, MDRA Races and public events, at an average of 5-10 hours per month depending on events and activities.

  • Review agenda and supporting material prior to board and committee meetings.
  • Attend at least 2/3 of all monthly board meetings annually.
  • Stay informed about MDRA goals, operations and needs. Exercise good judgment and oversight to ensure that MDRA is financially and programmatically sound and always operating in the best interest of its members.
  • Be creative, offer ideas and develop new ways to inspire others to get involved with the MDRA.

The MDRA Board values diversity among its members, including diversity in background and personal and professional skills and experience. We are looking for Board Members who will be engaged and who have the time and commitment to be effective stewards of MDRA’s programs, resources, and mission. Our specific needs in terms of skills and experience change from time to time depending on current Board composition. At this time a legal or nonprofit background would be given priority.

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