Indoor Stadium Running

 We are open on the upper concourse of the new U S Bank Stadium for workouts!

2018/2019 Schedule

November – 19th , 20th

December  – 19th, 20th, 27th 

January – 3rd, 8th, 9th, 15th, 16th


Times – 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Fee – $3 cash. Please bring correct change in order to expedite your entry.

Parking – Street parking is available for $2 or less, and a surface lot on Chicago Av, 500m N of the stadium entrance provides parking for $3.

Entrance – Enter through the skyway, or at the North Legacy entrance at the NW corner of the stadium, near the light rail station.

Security – There will be a security check, so, I suggest that you travel light. There is no bag storage check. There will be a place to store your gear, and we will have a monitor, but no formal bag check. There are restrooms for changing.

Etiquette – There will be two running lanes. The outside lane will proceed counterclockwise (8:30/mi+), and the inner lane, clockwise, for faster workouts. Three easy rules: The slower you’re moving, gravitate towards the outside of your lane. (To your right.) If you’re passing someone travelling the same direction, pass them on your left. If you’re passing someone travelling toward you, pass them on your right. There is a ramp to use for hill work.  No strollers allowed.  Please stay on the running concourse level.

Walkers – We are a fitness and exercise program for the purpose of athletic training. Walkers are welcome if they are race walkers, doing a walk/run program or and walking as a form of exercise training. The concourse is busy with 250+ people a night and we are not able to accommodate casual walkers.